Modem Usage for Internet Connection

As you know modem is common network device that is employed to create association from computer to internet, how ever there are differing kinds of electronic equipment available on market, and you would possibly surprise regarding the distinction between them.

This is the explanation I write this text to elucidate regarding DSL, cable and dial up modems, hope you’ve got higher understanding when reading it.

DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) Modem

DSL modem is a network device which will be accustomed connect your computer to internet via DSL(Digital Subscriber Line)connection. these days it’s common to search out router with built-in DSL modem feature too, so it might be connected to multiple computers to attach to internet at an equivalent time.

DSL connection operates on telephone network, an equivalent network that is used for dial up internet connection, however the bandwidth offered by DSL connection is far on top of dial up connection. The bandwidth provided by digital subscriber line is from 128Kbps to 3-7Mbps or higher.

Common DSL connections square measure ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line). ADSL offers web reference to completely different transfer/download information measure (download information measure is higher that upload bandwidth), whereas each transfer and transfer information measure square measure an equivalent for SDSL association.

Once you bought the DSL modem, connect the operating phone line to the modem’s phone port, then use network cable to attach computer’s network card to modem’s LAN port and power up the modem, finally proceed to configure the DSL modem and additionally computer to form it work as suggested by ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How to Connect Wireless Routers to DSL Modems Steps

Step 1

Turn off the network devices.

Make sure the wireless router, DSL modem, and PC(Personal Computer) are turned off. Disconnect the ability cords from the digital subscriber line modem and wireless router.

Step 2

Connect the wireless router to the digital subscriber line modem.

Remove the ethernet cable that connects the digital subscriber line modem to your PC(Personal Computer) . Plug one finish of the ethernet cable into the digital subscriber line modem. Plug the other end into the wireless router.

Step 3

Connect the pc to the wireless router.

Use the internet cable that came with the wireless router. Plug one finish of the ethernet cable into one in every of the ports on the router. Plug the other end into the PC(Personal Computer) ethernet port.

Step 4

Detect the router and install the software system.

Turn on your devices. Your PC(Personal Computer)  should automatically find the wireless router. Install the software system that came with the router.

Step 5

Configure the wireless router.

Launch the internet browser. inspect your wireless router’s documentation for the router’s address. type the router’s address within the address bar and press Enter. set up your network’s parameters, as well as password, security, and therefore the unique name for your network.

Cable Modem

You need to have cable modem if you would like to determine high speed cable internet connection, and this service is sometimes provided by cable TV supplier. sometimes newer set-top box is built with cable modem feature, thus during this case you don’t would like a separate cable modem.

Unlike DSL connection that is operated on telephone network, cable internet connection runs on cable TV network. Speed wise, it’s quite almost like DSL web speed.

In order to use it, you wish to attach coaxial cable from cable modem to cable TV wall outlet, conjointly connect Ethernet network cable from modem to pc too, later power up the modem. Once you’ve got designed each cable modem and network card on pc as suggested by service supplier, you ought to be able to connect your pc to internet. additionally, It’s common to attach DSL modem to wireless router or wired Ethernet router to share internet connection with multiple computers.

How to Connect a Cable Modem to Your Computer Steps
Aside from telephone companies, cable companies are the leading internet service suppliers within the market. However,telephone companies use existing phone lines to distribute internet, whereas cable firms use TV cable lines or satellites. Thesetwo different technologies need differing types of modems to facilitate your connection to the internet. If you would like to lineup and connect one amongst your computers to a cable modem, however don’t know how, you’ll be able to learn the way to connect with ease.

Step 1
Check your cable modem and its accessories. Take the modem out of the box and verify if what you have got is indeed a cable modem. It ought to have a coaxial port, or a small cylindrical protrusion located on its back. A DSL modem won’t have that; instead, DSL modems have telephone cable ports like those you find on telephones into that you’ll be able to introduce the telephone line coming from the wall. Accessories include embody the following:

  • An Internet cable for connecting the modem to your pc
  • The cable modem’s power adapter
  • coaxial cable for connecting the modem to the cable line

Step 2
Check the voltage rating of the power adapter. Before you plug a modem, positive first the voltage rating written on the power adapter to make sure that it matches the voltage rating of the outlet you’re going to plug it into. Doing thus can facilitate avoid any short circuit.

Step 3
Power up. Once you’ve taken the cable modem out of the box, take the power adapter and plug it to the power port on the modem (located on the realm of the coaxial cable). Take the opposite finish of the power adapter, and plug it to a power outlet.

Step 4
Connect the cable to the modem. Take the line returning from your wall and connect it to the port at the rear of the modem. Tighten it firmly by screwing the cable into the port.

Step 5
Take the LAN, or internet cable, and plug one finish to the rear of the cable modem. There’s only 1 port on the modem whereverthe web cable will work into, thus it’s pretty easy realize. Take the other end of the internet cable, and plug it to the back of yourpc (the same port with the modem).

Step 6
Switch on your pc and your cable modem. Press the power button on your modem to modify it on. because it boots up, the lights on the cable modem can blink, telling you that it’s trying to connect to the ISP’s server. Once the cable modem establishes a connection, the lights can become steady.

  • You can currently begin surfing the internet using your cable modem.

Dial Up Modem

Dial up modem is used for establishing dial up internet connection from pc or laptop by victimization telephone line. It’s notwell-liked anymore as it’s pretty slow with up to 56Kbps transmission speed only, however it’s still utilized in rural areas with noalternative higher internet connection service or as backup connection. additionally, most of dial up modems conjointlypermits you to connect it to the fax machine for faxing purpose.

The dial up modem comes in different types, it may be standalone hardware modem, PCI dial up modem or USB dial upmodem. Please note PCI and USB modems are going to be power-driven by connected pc, therefore you don’t would likeanother power socket for this device. If you use portable computer, possibly you don’t would like this as it’s commonly comes with built-in dial up modem.

How to use it? Connect the dial up modem to your pc, then connect the telephone line to the modem’s telephone port, thentack dial up connection on pc to determine the connection. after all don’t forget to put in modem driver before using it.

How to connect to Dialup Steps

Step 1
Open the Start menu and choice Control Panel.

Step 2
Choice Network and Sharing Centre.

Step 3
Click Set up a new connection or network.

Step 4
Choice Dial-up.

Step 5
Fill in the form with the following and then click Create.
Dial-up phone number: 9898888787
User name: Your Westnet dialup username (e.g. [email protected])
Password: Your studymotion dialup password

Step 6
The Wizard can attempt to connect to the dialup internet. If it fails (for example, the connector is occupied by a phone call) ignore the error message and click on Skip and take a look at to connect once more when the phone line is not busy.

Step 7
Once the connection is established, your computer ought to be on-line.

Tip: In Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections, you’ll find the the dialup icon listed display. If you dial up using this icon, a dialog box will return an error message number if it’s unsuccessful. This error number is useful for troubleshooting your connection establish.